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Milforce Equipment

Wellco is no longer in business, and the TuffKushion Jungle Boot has been discontinued. If you’re looking for something new, check out the best backpacking boots for Lisa June 11, One thing I have noticed is that I see a lot of soldiers wearing the same boot everyday and never resole it because of the local resolers saying they can’t, but not true, because of new technology it takes a little more time. I tell them all “what boot do you wear everyday for everything and never resole” eventually it will break when you could have kept it a long time. The Boot Nazi January 29, Overall, an excellent boot. Second best cushioning system out there. The Wellco company opened up at Fort Bragg, N. Prior to Wellco and other custom boots competing with standard military boots, most military folks had their boots “re-soled” with a sneaker layer glued to the bottom of the boot.

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Having drainage holes provides breathability, allows water to disperse quickly and helps these boots dry fast. The interior has been crafted without a lining to preserve the lightness of these 8-inch Rocky S2V boots. Roll-stop ankle stability has a significant impact on the steadiness of your footing, which in turn, prevents your ankles from rolling inside of these jungle boots.

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Get the Rocky S2V Jungle Boot in Desert Tan. With the aim of creating a military boot that can be worn in scorching, damp and Date published: ​

Stiff and stable. A steel shank and board-lasted construction make this boot supportive under heavy loads and over long days on your feet. The leather-and-nylon upper is durable, but also offers some breathability. Order Online. With a thick, near-impenetrable leather-and-nylon upper, this boot is ready for the roughest conditions.

Its sturdy, heavily lugged sole will grip in variable terrain, and the robust toe cap will keep your feet protected.

Vietnam War Footwear

Wellco Enterprises, Inc. The company maintains its headquarters as well as warehousing and manufacturing facilities in Waynesville, North Carolina , but the bulk of the manufacturing is done at its plant in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Through subsidiary RoSearch, Inc. Much of the equipment is sold to prisons to provide work for inmates. Wellco is a public company listed on the American Stock Exchange, but nearly 60 percent of the company is owned by the estate of James Emerson, a retired engineer who had no connection to the founding or running of the company but simply acquired stock in the company over many years.

Block to gain Legendary Iron Boots. Have a pair of these equipped, as they’ll be very useful in this jungle. Open the chest across from the?-.

The new JungleLite weighs in at only 2. Also available is a desert version called the DesertLite. Jungle boots were originally developed for use in jungle warfare, or hot, wet and humid environments. The original jungle boot concept predates WWII, and eventually evolved into the now-familiar OD green and black ‘Vietnam jungle boot’ which was issued to U. The same basic design was carried over into the desert combat boot worn during Operation Desert Storm in the early 90’s, as well as later operations in the middle east.

OTB Boots has brought the tried and true design into the new millennium, completely revamping it with the latest materials inside and out to create a more comfortable and lightweight boot, while still retaining the essence of the original look and concept. Boot uppers – The JungleLite upper is made of a combination of breathable mesh nylon and microfiber PU, resembling leather. The DesertLite has the same mesh nylon, but uses microfiber suede instead of the PU for the reinforcements.

A webbing pull tab extends up the achilles tendon at the rear of the boot, which is a necessary feature when donning the boots. A seatbelt-type webbing reinforcement encircles the ankle at the bottom of the calf, which incidentally is right where the laces wrap around the ankle.

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The Belleville Shoe Company is the largest manufacturer of military combat boots in the world. The company’s humble beginnings date back to where it started as a small operation manufacturing casual footwear for men and boys. The popularity of Belleville’s products soon spread and within 10 years, its footwear products were being sold all over the United States. In the ‘s Belleville received their first government contract to supply military boots to the U.

Over a century later, Belleville is still producing top quality footwear for all U.

boot), and in doing so, has created the lightest weight jungle boot to date. The OTB JungleLite and DesertLite boots fill the niche between.

This boot is constructed of polish-able, full grain leather and is ideal for those who handle oil based chemicals. Say goodbye to stained suede. The DMS vulcanization process is used to attach the outsole to the upper. This process creates a bond of unprecedented strength. The boot has the Panama rubber outsole which is designed to effectively shed debris and does so with ease.

This boot continues to be a favored combat boot in many foreign militaries friendly to the USA, of course. See reviews. Fit is consistent with standard issue military footwear. Boots should be purchased a full size smaller than casual shoes. Size Choose size 5 5. Width Choose Size First.

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Currently, only Belleville Shoe and Bates-Wolverine are authorized to make the new boot, but the Corps plans to authorize more companies in order to keep up supplies. The Corps slowly has been phasing in new suede combat boots. The cutoff date for Marines to own one pair of both the temperate and hot-weather versions is Oct. But the new boots are hard to come by in some sizes, Chaplin said, so the Corps is authorizing more companies to manufacture them.

By allowing these alternative sole constructions it opens up the supply base of boot manufacturers that can meet the specifications without compromising the performance of the boot.

Boot Camps & Officer Candidate Schools May Be Impacted By COVID Contact your recruiter or commander for the most accurate, up-to-date information.

The upper is made of high-quality full-grain leather and breathable, abrasion-resistant fabric. Lowa has been manufacturing climbing, mountaineering and hiking boots for over 90 years, and military boots for over 20 years. Lowa is known worldwide for their high quality outdoor footwear, and their Task Force Collection focuses on the military, tactical, LE and other professional organizations that require ankle and underfoot security and support in grueling conditions.

View more TheFieldBiologist. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive special offers and stay up to date on the latest news and events. FREE shipping with 2 items or more. Skip to content. Facebook page opens in new window YouTube page opens in new window Instagram page opens in new window. Hard Shank: This sturdy insole provides good support in footwear for trekking tours with heavy packs. Textile Lining: A fabric or synthetic lining makes footwear lightweight and breathable.


We offer a wide range of options for Salomon tactical boots. These boots are routinely used by military and LE units across the world. All of the Salomon FORCES tactical boots we offer features the trademark qualities of this brand such as the lightweight comfort combined with heavy duty durability. They feature enhanced insulation on the inside to keep feet warmer and drier, as well as incomparable gripping action on the exterior for improved traction in even the most treacherous of terrains.

You can easily return any product you purchase within 30 days from the date of purchase. Orders worth more than EUR are shipped free of charge regardless.

Special Forces in Southeast Asia in August were issued the new DMS Direct Moulded Sole boots which featured leather and nylon duck uppers which had been vulcanized directly on to Vibram pattern outsoles. The neck of the boot, backstay, heel portion and toe areas were leather for strength with canvas insert side panels to aid drying times, once again a pair of screened brass drainage eyelets were set into the inner arch. Although these are the first Jungle boot as we know them they were never in Vietnam in any large volume.

The 2nd pattern of Jungle Boot used 1-inch wide nylon webbing as reinforcement in place of leather for the neck and backstay. The only other difference was that the screened brass eyelets in the inner arch were set flush to the leather as opposed to being sunken as they were on the 1st pattern boots. Dating early jungle boots is fairly simple, the early pattern boots have a small white label inside the tongue of the boot. This label will read DSA?? The third and fourth versions of the DMS Jungle boot are identical to look at apart from the sole.

This is what is meant when people refer to the Vibram or Panama soles. The only other difference between the two boots is a non-visible one, the Panama or 4th pattern boots had a steel shank fitted inside the sole of the boot. Dating these boots is simple, the date stamp is the three digits to the right of the tongue stamp, in this case February

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