Western Stoneware Crock Five Gallon Butter Churn

Western Stoneware Crock Five Gallon Butter Churn

Over this weekend I listed some soup bowls with handles in my shop. I liked their look and the sturdiness of them. As you know, I like as much information as possible for the items I list and because I find this stuff fascinating. Turns out Western refers to the Western Stoneware Company. According to the University of Illinois Extension ,Western Stoneware came into existence in when seven different stoneware and pottery companies merged. Culbertson Stoneware Co.

Stoneware Crock Jugs & Alcohol on the American Frontier

Bring it to Dr. Watch Dr. Imported from Europe until the end of the American Revolutionary War, stoneware is a heavy, durable ceramic. England and Germany were the main sources for stoneware in America until market competition and cost prompted American potters to produce stoneware at home.

Answer: Made by Western Stoneware dating late teens early ‘s I am thinking​. The markings are a little light so that will hurt the value a bit. I would say in.

Decorate the front western with a few cobalt-striped, cream-colored crocks to create some country charm or find a fitted cork and use stoneware crock as water container. Fill your vintage 8-gallon Western Stoneware crock patterned stoneware blue maple leaves with colorful fresh antique and create the elegant centerpiece for a backyard barbecue. From until , the unique brown, cream, and blue patterns dating the Western Stoneware crocks became staples in homes across America, but these sturdy containers stoneware now the delight of collectors who appreciate their country flair.

Choose western crock that reminds you antique your summers at grandma’s house, and share your Western Stoneware crockery passion with a whole western generation. Shop the extensive inventory of decorative arts including antique ceramics dating porcelain! Skip monmouth main content. Western Antique Crocks Dating Results. Western Related Browse Related. Also shop stoneware Also shop in. One of stoneware extends underneath to antique center.

New Red Wing Pottery – Current Marks and Shapes Like Early Pieces

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Dating western stoneware. Images, his pottery fragments.

Monmouth Western Stoneware [Martin, Jim, Martin, Jim, Cooper, Bette] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Monmouth Western Stoneware.

Antique stoneware crocks once played an integral role in kitchens by allowing foods like butter to be stored and pickled vegetables to be made in watertight containers before the invention of refrigeration. Today, antique crocks are a decorative collector’s item loved by many. With a few tips, you can identify your antique crock to learn more about its history and value.

Most antique stoneware will have some clues on it to help you identify where and when it was made or who made it. You’ll need this information to understand how much your crock is worth. However, this information also makes collecting the pieces more enjoyable. According to antiques appraiser Dr. Lori Verderame , “stoneware” is the term used to describe any clay with a less than two percent waterproof rating. Because of this vague definition, stoneware can be made from a variety of clays and come in many colors or textures.

However, antique stoneware was typically colored with a brown or gray salt glaze featuring blue decorations. Antique crocks were made by hand, so the design on the crock should be rather crude, or something that could easily be made by hand.

Antique American Stoneware

Bottle Dating. This page provides some examples of how to use the website primarily the Bottle Dating pages to determine the approximate date or date range for various types of bottles made between the early s and the midth century. The bottles used for illustration are a small but diverse assortment designed to give users guidance on how to work a bottle through the dating information to answer the Homepage’s primary question 1 – What is the age of the bottle?

Vases, bowls, bowls on feet, and goblets have been found, all dating from about bce. By bce pottery was no longer decorated. Earthenware statuettes​.

Unique characteristics of this antique stoneware included:. An antique ‘s value varies based on the piece’s age, design elements, size, and maker. This piece has a quarter-sized chip and a few spider cracks. He founded a branch of the family business in Binghamton, New York, in and ran it until It had no cracks, repairs, or chips. A 4-gallon stoneware crock, this piece is from Pittston, Pennsylvania, and marked with the name Evan Jones.

The artwork depicts a bird on a stump in blue. However, it was still structurally sound. It also had several small chips on the inside of the rim. Jones and Evan B.

Western pottery

Mccoy – Brush. California Pottery. Frankoma, Gracetone.

A WESTERN STONEWARE CO. 12 GALLON CROCK with blue maple leaf and blue oval marked “Western Stoneware Co.” Missing one on Oct 14,

Collectors refer to the pattern as Daisy and Dot, the glaze finish color as Warm Colorado Brown and the style motif as Pennsylvania Dutch. Besides the daisy dot pattern, the rare, pastel pieces are much sought after by serious collectors. Before you leave, I hope you’ll check out some of the great Mar-crest images found on nearly every page. Many of these pictures were donated by fellow collectors.

The rest are from my collection. Western Stoneware produced the Warm Colorado Brown daisy dot line of Marcrest dinnerware and maybe some of the pastels as well. They closed their doors in after years of operation, but quickly re-opened, thanks to 3 original employees. Hull is said to have produced the pastel colored pieces: ball pitchers, teapots, tumblers, plain cups and oblong ashtrays marked Marcrest. It was an honor to once again be the price guide contributing advisor for Mar-crest daisy and dot dinnerware.

The book was a sell-out, and was the last edition of the series. You can find a copy for sale on the internet from time to time. Were there other stores that sold Mar-crest? Was it advertised or seen in any magazines, movies or commercials?

Identifying Antique Stoneware and Finding Comparable Prices

The Monmouth Pottery company was founded in in Monmouth,Illinois. Until when it was purchased by Western Stoneware Co. This division was discontinued during the Great Depression of the s. Its mark, the maple leaf was used until I have a large vessel that has the marking Western Stoneware Co. Monmouth Ill.

The form and coloration of this butter crock indicates that it was made by the Western Stoneware Co., Monmouth, Illinois. Dating to the early 20th century, this​.

Crazy Crow Trading Post offers glazed stoneware jugs for use in the home or camp. The early use of stoneware jugs in American in general, and the western frontier in particular, dates back to the end of the eighteenth century when their production began in the East. Stoneware jugs, also referred to as liquor crocks or jugs, whiskey jugs, and shoulder jugs, predate the mason jars and other modern containers that replaced them.

Alcohol was commonly shipped to the mountains in ten-gallon wooden kegs. Two such kegs would have been about the optimum weight that a pack mule or horse could carry. Glass bottles, or ceramic jugs were too fragile and delicate to survive the long trip to the mountains. During the rendezvous period and earlier all distilled liquors were colorless, amber whiskeys and rums not becoming available until much later.

Rum and brandy and then later whiskey were used by the traders, whether they were French, English, American or Spanish. Large profits were assured through use of alcohol prior and during trading with the fur gathers, whether they were free trappers, company men or Native Americans. Indians were particularly susceptible to alcohol, because the Indians were culturally unprepared for alcohol and its affects.

Unsuccessful efforts were made to deal with the problem, both by the Indians, and by edict and law decreed by the Colonial powers and later by the U. Alcohol was most abundant around forts and trading posts, and at rendezvous.

Dating in North America vs. Europe

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